Monday, January 5, 2009

Makeup that Complements Freckled Face

Sometimes I really wonder to myself before why I happen to have a lot of freckles on my face while my siblings don't have it. Some of my friends say they look cute on me but my mum and aunts keep telling me to do something to make it vanish from my face! Thus, these suggestions make me ponder again, to or not to make them disappear and how to??? Do I have to go through cosmetics surgery or spend tons of money on dermatologist's skin lightening products specifically for getting rid of it? Or do I just cover them up with loads of concealers? Or maybe I can just learn to love them and let them be comfortable wherever they are?

Well, thanks to Plue discovering this wonderful article suggesting that I should now embrace my freckles with suitable makeup techniques as shown here:

Its in Chinese and I don't know how to read them, can somebody help me translate? :P

I further explored into the possible makeup techniques for freckled face until I find this:




Learn how to work with our freckles, wear a sheer foundation. This will even out our skintone, but still lets a smattering of freckles show through. Mineral makeups are also a plus as they help to reflect light, keeping skin from looking flat and cakey like some heavier liquid and stick foundations can. Thus, avoid using heavy foundation and concealer to cover up freckles.

The occurrence of freckles on the skin is genetic, meaning it is an inherited trait. However, freckles are considered one kind of skin problem actually under the category of uneven skin tones. We definitely have to take good care of our skin and prevent the spots from spreading. Sunblock is a must for Asian girls with freckles especially those who stays where sun shines almost 90% of the time. Exposure to the sun will cause spots to darken and also multiply. A sunblock of at least SPF30 is essential. I'm currently using my Loreal UV Perfect [XL Block] in SPF 50 sunblock. I'm faithful to it until I find a better product.

If those in the West can accept their freckles, why can't we in the East? My advice is to work with—not against—the gorgeous freckles you've been given! :D


fuzkittie said...

Hi! Nice to meet you and thanks for following my blog! :]

This article would DEFINITELY benefit me! Do you think you could put up a larger version of the scan? I could help you translate it too..

queenyee said...

Hello...nice profile pic there :) thanks for following mine too.

I have added the link to the larger image. You can take a look.

Looking forward to viewing your looks request. Good job!

fuzkittie said...

Thanks girl!

They're just saying not to do heavy coverage on your foundation just because you have freckles. He said try to make it look like a nude makeup look and show off the freckles. Using a sponge and a drop of toner with liquid foundation, lightly pat on the foundation from the center of the face to create that nude look.

Hehe, hope that helps!

queenyee said...

Wow, thanks alot for the translation! usually i'll jus try to guess from the pics what they mean whenever i buy chinese mags, pity me for not knowing how to read chinese characters :(