Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 Lipstick Laws That Everyone Should Follow

Red lipstick can either make or break your look. Read on to find out how to avoid making a lip faux pas

4 Lipstick Laws That Everyone Should Follow
This is a lip makeup article
As far as I'm concerned, the following four lipstick laws need to be passed and enforced -- now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ecotools Eye Brush Set

Ecotools brushes are one of the best drugstore brushes I have ever encountered in the market. The previous one that I purchased, Ecotools 5 Piece Brush Set for Mineral Makeup has not failed me.

I like the softness and density of the bristles, the right brush size which is perfect for my small Asian eyes =P The shorter brush handle also enables me to bring them everywhere I travel. Therefore, I can safely say that the quality is on par with MAC full sized brushes and much better than MAC holiday brush sets! And they are eco-friendly too; they are made from natural and recycled materials!

The description of every brushes at the back of package...

A close up on the eye brushes; Large Eye Brush, Angled Crease Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Highlighting Brush and Smudge Brush.

The set also includes a convenient travel case to keep the brushes clean and it comes with a small mirror for on the go makeup application!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leopard Print Inspired

My friends are always asking me why am I attracted to leopard prints or animal prints in general. Well, I just replied them that I love how cute they look on me =P

Of course, I do not wear animal prints from head to toe which would give people a fright when they see me. I usually wear them in small amount; sometimes as small accessories like headbands and sometimes shoes.

And this time on my nails...

I'm glad I buy this OPI Shatter nail polish. Using this is a brilliant idea of spicing your nail colors without spending too much time and money perfecting nail art or going to nail bars.

However, I think we must master the technique of applying OPI Shatter to obtain a desirable result. Here's how I did it =) :
  • Apply a bright base color (at least two coats). I used Etude House bright yellow polish as base.
  • Then, apply a clear base coat (to ensure the base color and Shatter will not mingle when Shatter is applied)
  • Let them be fully dry before continuing to apply Shatter.
  • You need to be quick to apply Shatter as it dries pretty quick. Make sure you have the right amount of Shatter on the brush for the crack to occur nicely.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Best Summer Hairstyles

Hair extraordinaire Charles Baker Strahan answers reader questions on styling hair in the summer

5 Best Summer Hairstyles
This is a hairstyles article
As temperatures start to rise, it gets harder to keep hair cool and coiffed. So Strahan gives us tips to beat the heat while still looking great.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

14 Luxurious Beauty Products to Try

These high-end beauty products are totally worth the splurge according to our readers. Check 'em out

14 Luxurious Beauty Products to Try
This is a best beauty products
When it comes to expensive beauty products, you'd better be buying them purely based on the fact that they ARE better than less-expensive varieties, agreed? See what our readers guarantee are the luxe products you won't mind plonking down your hard-earned cash for. average reader rating: 8.6

Readers agree this lipstick offers colors that are "very pigmented and super long lasting." average reader rating: 9

"The price seems hefty for a dryer, [but with] dry time cut in half [and] hair left soft and smooth," it's worth every penny. average reader rating: 9.3

It gives "clean, smooth, healthy skin and a lovely scent."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Lovelies!~

My birthday just passed quietly while celebrating with my family, bf and friends. I am grateful to have them with me through my journey of life. They always make my day!

We never fail to surprise our friends with small gifts on their birthdays and I am not excluded as well :D

The drawings on the envelope must have symbolize the pretty things I love to own. I spot some diamond rings, apparel, money, love and some kisses :P They also know I love Topshop very much that they decided to subsidy my future purchases at Topshop.

I also received this skull ring as birthday gift. Isn't it special? *hearts*

Do you notice my nails? Finally they are colored! I also just received OPI Black Shatter in my mailbox. I really love it and do not think I regret purchasing it.

Chunky rings are so hot right now. A big thanks to my dear best-y for getting me these gorgeous rings! =)

My birthday pressies rings all worn together. They look great together right?

Lastly, this gorgeous Swatch watch is a gift from my bf. I have seen them on StyleScrapbook wrist and I straight away knew I have to get it XD

Looks good on me? =P

Say hi to Mr. Kangaroo and Ms. Koala from Aussieland. Aren't they adorable?

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all you lovelies! I heart you guys! =)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Splurging Is What I Love~!

Talking about splurging, I have been clicking away 'Add to Cart' and 'Order Now' so swiftly in Amazon lately. This is what happens when you have been on a shopping diet for too long and one day you just blast! (that was just an excuse though). But I am really glad there's Amazon where I can purchase just about anything under the sky from the site. Currently, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime where you can get Free Two-Day shipping on selected products if you're new to Amazon. Isn't that great? Yet, this is just another excuse for you to shop even more! :P