Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Addition to My Makeup Collection

I have been good. Considering the amount of makeup I buy is muuccchh lesser than the previous years when I begin the makeup addiction.

But a being a die hard fan of makeup, I couldn't just stop enjoying the pleasure of buying makeup completely!

Going through my collection, I now realised what I am truly obsessed about...


Placing a flush on my cheek has been a ritual in my everyday makeup routine. If you ask what would be the product I can't live with, it would be a blush.

Blush would be the item to complete my look of the day. I would match my blush color with my outfit, match it with my eye color...

And I have always been impressed with MAC's Mineralize blushes or skinfinishes. They tend to give a healthy glow to the cheek!

My latest purchase is the Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC Naturally Collection launched last winter 2011. There were two repromoted Skinfinishes; Blonde and Brunette from MAC Blonde, Brunette & Redhead Collection launched in 2010 previously. I already own the Blonde one and now I add Redhead to my stash! ^___^

I would say the powder is more finely milled and smoother now comparing to the older one. Nevertheless, both are still lovely~~~

Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish

Redhead and Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish

Redhead and Triple Fusion Mineralize Skinfinish

Redhead, Triple Fusion and Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish

The other purchase I made is Benefit's Hervana. I think by now you know that the blushes I usually fell in love with has multiple color combinations. Hervana gives that sweet heavenly flush to the cheek. I can't miss looking like an angel wearing those =D I have no doubts on the quality of Benefit blushes as I own Bella Bamba and Coralista. Both gives excellent color pay off without being too strong.