Monday, December 29, 2008

My Recent Makeup Hauls

As I promised, I will show you girls what I have bought for the past two months. Since I'm now crazy over collecting makeup related stuffs, I have surveyed and tried out a few cosmetic brands for their products.

Majolica Majorca has just come to town recently so I didn't miss the chance to buy their eyeshadows and lipgloss :) They are available at most Watson's store in major shopping complexes countrywide. For Penangites, you can find them at Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza and latest edition Prangin Mall. Don't you love what they offer?

My collection of MJ Majolook eyeshadows

Majolook (Trick On) in BR751

Majolook (Trick On) in PK710

Inclusive of instruction at the back of packaging

MJ Honey Plum Lipgloss in PK384

And also Parkson Gurney's opening offered cash vouchers for purchases more than RM 100. The new Parkson offers a plentiful of cosmetic brands with new ones emerging; Benefit, Laura Mercier, Aesop etc. But then again, they are priced excessively.

However, my friends and I took this opportunity to check out the new stores for what they have in store and not forgetting MAC, which was promoting "Red, She Said" collection at that time.

To cut the long story short, we invaded the MAC store to try out their goodies :) Here are my MAC hauls so far:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Liquid Foundation with SPF15

MAC Lipstick in Jubilee

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme d'Nude

I lurve my Liquid Foundation as it gives my face enough coverage. Previously I really had a hard time concealing my freckles. That's all for my hauls so far. Too much? Too little? Anyway it already burnt a hole in my pocket. Stay tuned again for their reviews and swatches. See ya ladies! Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Season Party Dresses

Heyya girls, Christmas and New Year is just around the corner, and surely we'll be heading to parties!!! Of coz, you can't wear sleazily and some last season attires to parties like this...

This is a good time for you to go shopping and get some new outfits, moreover there's nothing to lose with all the sales going on everywhere :) You may be extra broke this month, but who cares, its how you impress the crowd in this holiday season that matters, rite...

Let's glam up by taking a look at some examples of in-trend party dresses:

As always, the all time favourite Little Black Dress

Ruff-ed your night out with this fabulous dresses

Wearing a Sequined Dress to party is definitely gonna get the party started

Add some colour to the party with ombre

After seeing these gorgeous dresses online, we went to Queensbay Mall to check out what they have in store for us, and truly, there are quite a number of great deals available. Without much delay, we set our foot forward to Forever 21. They having an up to 70% sale, we were so excited!!! But as we look through each piece of clothings on sale, we noticed that all the sizes are M onwards. How is it gonna fit my tiny frame?? Even some size S are pretty large for me :( But i never give up, I patiently hunt for the clothes and dresses which fit me, and yeah sure I found a few. Hehe...let's take a look how they look on me :)

Can you guess which one I finally bought? Which one looked best on me?

Even though we cannot always get what we want for we cannot always afford all the extravagant dresses, but what we can do is that we find the similar piece which potrays the similar current trend on a budget. With this, you will not only not empty your bank account but also kept updated on the latest trends. Trends are seasonal, but style last forever. Make them your own. Take my word for it. That is why I always love sales :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Deco in Various Malls

Christmas is coming!!! I'm so excited *squeal* I guess this year has much reason to celebrate it with joy, I have my bears and my baby to celebrate it with :) They are so in Christmas mood now, see...


where's my present? trying to act innocent pula...

some bears from my office also getting ready to party

doggy from exchange gift session with my colleagues...cute?

I have tried to visit most of the major shopping complexes to shop or more to window shopping aka sightseeing this December. All the Christmas trees, ribbons, candy canes, pretty lights bla bla bla were already up for display when I'm there. Not that i'm too free but wat's wrong with joining in the holiday mood at shopping complexes... :P

These are some of the pictures i compiled from my shopping trip in KL and PG. I hope its not too late to show you guys this :)

Gurney Plaza

Queensbay Mall

missing doraemon on stage

Pavillion, Bukit Bintang

Me looking small compared to the huge Christmas tree

The tree from inside the mall

No extravagant decorations as compared to last year's

Missing in my wish list, Christmas tree full of bears in front of Parkson Pavillion

I must mention the huge MAC store in Pavillion, thats not me in the pic though :P

Suria KLCC

Part of the Christmas tree inside Suria KLCC

Mid Valley Megamall

Circus or Playland theme is definitely attracting more kids to MV

Hanging toys as part of deco with my fav the toy soldier

The Gardens

Which Christmas deco ensemble do you love the most? Personally, I prefer The Gardens decorations the most, it is simple yet elegant with the huge bird cages and coned Christmas trees. Pardon me for my bad photography, as I could not capture the whole stage or tree, I still need more practice and learn more photography knowledge. That will be my New Year's resolution perhaps? :P

To my readers,


Thanks for supporting my blog :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review: Elianto Pomengranate Lip & Eye Remover

As the name implies, this makeup remover is specially for eyes and lip area usage. I bought this as I read some good reviews about them in PinkyPlue and Paris B.

Here's a brief description about this makeup remover:

This gentle formula easily remove all waterproof and long-wearing eye and lip colour makeup, leaving skin clean, supple and free from oil residue.

Some instructions on the usage:

Shake well to mix the ingredient, pour optimum amount onto cotton wool and wipe gently.

How it looks like after shake

This is my first makeup remover, thus in my opinion, for a first timer, it really works well as my makeup can easily come off after holding it on my closed eyes and a gentle swipe plus not make my skin feels dry. However I sometimes forget to shake the bottle before use to mix the ingredient. It has a faint smell of pomegranate which I kinda like, not too strong for me. Most importantly, the price is quite reasonable (below RM20 plus I get a 10% discount :)) It comes in a small bottle of 110ml which makes it convenient to travel with.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Review: The Face Shop Fresh Cucumber Pack

I always thought that having oily skin means i already have enough moisture to keep my skin from dryness. But actually the oilier your skin is, the drier and flakier your skin can become. After realising that I need some moisture to increase my skin's hydration level, I bought this mask at The Face Shop.

Without further delay, here's the introduction at the back of the packaging:

"Revitalizes and hydrates flaky, exhausted skin"

with details:

- This revitalizing wash-off cucumber pack provides the concentrated care of a salon facial from the comforts of home to hydrate and soften flaky, exhausted skin.

It has a pretty long lists of ingredients, i guess you can read it from here :P

The package also explains some of the benefits of cucumber:

Cucumbers, which are over 90% water, help quench skin's thirst while their mineral and potassium richness promotes metabolism and revitalizes skin.

Here's the product pic and texture of this cucumber mask:

It is soft, gel-like and contains beads of cucumber extract.

Some simple directions of usage:

1) Spread evenly over face avoiding eye areas after washing and applying toner.

2) Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
You can use it as often as twice a week if you feel you need more moisture surge but you can gradually reduce it to once a week usage.

After using the mask, your skin will feel instantly revived and you do not need to apply your moisturizer after this session. I give two thumbs up to this mask as it is easy to apply on face, it smells good (like cucumber la), easy to rinse off and it is quite affordable (around RM39.90).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Wish List with Polyvore

Somehow i feel like my wish list is not complete, something is missing...hmmm...what is it??? I know, it wont be complete with polyvore-ing them, putting them up nicely on a christmas tree, with decorations and everything...just like wat Tine and Paris B did hehehe...

3 of my fav makeup brands :)

How wonderful if my Christmas tree ornaments are all makeups!

Don't you adore these Harajuku Lover EDT Spray from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B.?

I know, I know, there are loads of items on the tree, but there's no harm wishing and dreaming about them, maybe some day i might have it all, hahaha...Oi, come back to reality now. I've done some real shopping myself lately and my bank account has been dwindling to a critical level now... Now, all I can do is window shop until payday is here again! :( Anyway, I'm still happy with my loots. So keep tuning in to my blog to discover my loots :)

You can try out this fun virtual shopping at Polyvore

Christmas is coming soon...Do share your wish list with me. Waiting for you ppl!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Gift From Heaven

I have many reasons to feel elated yesterday yet i feel sad and empty. I was happy because i received so many gifts from my BF who just came back from HK. All are my favourites, he has been very attentive to my needs, although he might not be able to fulfil each and everyone of them, i guess i have a lot too....but he tries his best! He made all this sacrifices for me and yet he did not buy his favourite NIKE :( I feel sad for him that he has waited so long to have it and yet he didnt buy it. All because he bought me this

and this

To my beloved, although things might be going hard on you now, but be strong, even when i am immature, be strong, even when im not understanding, be strong...sorry for the things i made you put through and when you have to put up with my irrationality.

I dedicate this post to you as a token of my love and appreciation to you, dont give up when you're down, the sky is our limit and time will heal every wound that is inflicted on us on our journey through life. I hope life experiences will make me a better woman. Thank you for being my rock and never failing to love me.

Sincerely yours.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Recent Favorite Reads

Lately i've been reading a lot of novels and i'm so over buying fashion magazines (can't win any contests i entered :( :( :( Plus i can get more beauty and fashion info online, thanks to the all the budding blogs and forums :P Most of the books i bought were already made into movies and some coming to cinemas near you soon...

And now since somebody is not around, i'll have more time to read my novels! Should i be happy or sad? keke....nayyy...let's see what i have on my book rack :)

PS I Love You
I've read this book, loves the fact that love never ends even one of them is no longer there and how Gerry plans for Holly's well being and helped her carry on life without him. Gerry wrote a series of 10 letters to Holly with each signed P.S. I Love You.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Adores humorous Becky, found a part of me in her, me being a shopaholic too, and having self control issues... definitely going to buy the sequels.

Twilight (my latest craze)

This is a movie tie-in edition, couldn't find the one with original cover at MPH, however saw the sequel; New Moon at Borders, planning to buy it soon...
So in love with Twilight right now!!! Do you know that Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson is actually starred as the cute boy Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire series? Even saying his name is making me melt...just like what Bella felt about him...

Now- Edward Cullen

Then- Cedric Diggory

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ok, i know i'm a bit too old to read Harry Potter but so what, it still is the best magical book i've read, enjoyed their friendship and adventures, loves the suspense and mysterious clues given by Professor Dumbledore which led me to buy the following book :(

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Omg, its a children book, it's only around 100+ pages, didn't know about it because i pre-ordered it, but anyway will read it too...costs me RM43, luckily pre-ordering entitled me to RM10 book voucher in MPH.

Here's about most of my recent and favourite reads. If you have any books to recommend me, feel free to do so...we can exchange books if you want to, we can save some trees too for a good cause :) Happy Reading!