Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do you care for your Makeup?

Makeup should be useful for feeling better and looking good. Cosmetics are made for keeping balance between looking attractive and having healthy skin. One can use lots of cosmetics products for wearing makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that cosmetics product does not last forever, as they have expiry dates too.

To ensure that your makeup does not gives you skin problems, you need to get rid of them once they are past their expiration date (check for expiry date on the package or consult the BA for shelf life) .

Below are the extracted recommended shelf period for each makeup and skincare products:

  • Liquid and Cream Foundation --> 2 years

  • Concealer --> 2 years

  • Powder --> 2 years

  • Mascara --> 6 months

  • Lipstick --> 12 to 18 months

  • Lip and Eye Pencils --> 12 to 18 months

  • Eyeshadow --> 2 years

  • Powder Blush --> 2 years

  • Cream Blush --> 2 years

  • Moisturizer --> 2 years

  • Eye Cream --> 6 months

  • Sunscreen --> 2 years

  • Face Cream --> 2 years
(*Source: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - wanna get my hands on this manual T_T)

Some extra quick makeup care tips:

  • Re-cap after use any cosmetics products

  • Avoid sharing any makeup item for the sake of hygiene

  • One should keep cosmetics containers sealed in proper manner

  • One should store the cosmetics items in a cool and dry place and keep them out reach of children.

Do you follow these guidelines? Tell me if you have more... :)


pIGgy said...

OMG! i seems to broke all the rules..many of my cosmetics are expired if refer to the guideline..@.@

queenyee said...

hehe, its pretty hard to use up all our cosmetics if we have many coz its impossible for us to only use one product only at one time.

so this is just as a guideline, after the recommended product shelf life, you can discard them if they smell weird or cause you skin problem :)

Siew Goh said...

oopsss.. i am too breaking all the rules.. i seldom use them after buying.. so most of them are kept too long..half a decade already!! :S