Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tools that Accentuate Your Eyes

What do you think is the most valuable asset on your face? How far will you go to improve how they look?

Again, my trip to The Face Shop was not wasted by just buying a single item. We bought their False Eyelashes for a reasonable price (RM7.90) as we were looking for cheap false eyelashes (range around <>

There are only 2 types to choose from: criss-crossed/overlapping and straight. For the criss-crossed type, they have a few selections: thickness and length. The BA told us the criss-crossed lash type will look more natural compared to the straight lash type. So we decided to buy those criss-crossed ones but of different length.

The green label with XN means it has longer lash line while XNS is shorter.

Falsies glue are also included!

*Updated: My first time wearing a falsies :) batting eyelashes ~wink wink~

Let's move on to another essentials to make your eyes shine and twinkle (if you have monotonous, dull eye color and would like to spice them up =)...

*Solution: Colour Contact Lens!*

At first, I was also sceptical about wearing contacts since I am not shortsighted, just some astigmatism. The thought of wearing them scares me a lot. I really wonder what everyone who wears contacts were thinking about when they have to pull open their eyes big enough to put the contacts in or maybe it's hard only for me coz I have small eyes, typical asian eyes = =. Again, my first time, i guess people can have a lot of first times in their life as long as they dare to take up challenges. Took me quite a while to get it in before I finally succeed. But I feel that it's a challenge worth taking to enhance small eyes of mine.

So, I got myself Freshlook Colorblends Contacts by CIBA vision in Pure Hazel. At first, a fren of mine recommended Amethyst because it looks really natural and glowy on her. However, me bieng a coward would like to try a colour closer to my eyes natural colour just in case. Scared later it turns out to be too extreme, scaring my frens off. So, in the future, definitely gonna get myself Amethyst!

My beloved Pure Hazel falsies soaked in solution >.<

Back to Pure Hazel, they appear a bit greenish after I wear them. So I think it depends on your eye colour to see whether what colour it turns out to be. Too bad I'm not able to try out the colour that suits me best because of the ongoing promotion with 3 pairs of colour contacts sold at RM120.

*Updated: Me eyes with Pure Hazel, nice?

My bears in the background and my Queen magazine

I also bought this Multi-Purpose Solution also by CIBA vision to cleanse my beloved. Need to take care of them as your eyes are one of the most important organs you own. Remember, the advice from the optometrist is that to change the soaking solution once every 2-3 days when not using them and everyday if you use them. They can also last longer if you only wear them occasionally like around 2-3 months too...

Now, with this power tools applied, makeup applied, you're ready to take on the world and make all your girlfriends green with envy and guys amazed at the transformation.

Have fun trying them on!


pIGgy said...

come come, let's get more ppl interested on ardell false lashes, so that we can buy it together !!

fuzkittie said...

Colored contacts are addicting!

miemiemie said...

so that's what XN and XSN meant..i kept on wondering what it meant coz the SA in the store i went to had no idea what it is. haha..they should know their products well! the lashes i got were the straight ones for my time i'm going to try the crisscrossed one for myself :)

queenyee said...

Mie: maybe i'm gonna try different types in the future too :)

TFS BAs in Penang are pretty friendly and they do know their products very well...