Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reflections and Resolutions

Exactly three days ago, 2008 has come to an end...which I think has ended rather briefly. I almost have no time to give a thought about what I have achieved so far and what 2008 memories hold for me. All I do is work, work, work and shop shop shop. However, I'm sure that everyone including me myself has definitely gone through ups and downs in the past 2008. Only with this, we'll be able to grow up and mature through time.

But then again, 2008 will always be a memorable year with not to say much happenings but I'm pretty satisfied with where I am now; building good relationship with my bf and also my colleagues. :) I'm pretty easily satisfied rite?

2008 has been a turning point in my life as I discovered makeup, discovered a new me, establishing genuine friendships, missing some friends and family members, establishing my career..

After much ramblings about the past, let's celebrate the New Year 2009 with much joy and hope despite financial crisis and economy slow down. Every new year follow new resolutions for everyone. For me, I have thought of something that sounds really nice for my resolution, it goes like this:
Earn more MONEY, Buy more MAKEUP

But but but, when I told my bf this wonderful resolution, he told me to WAKEUP. What the heck??? Is he asking me to spend more wisely? I am spending a little bit more than usual for makeup but I have cut down on buying clothes. What do you think? Should I listen to him?
Surely, 2009 will bring you more reviews, either about skincares, makeups, fashion etc... Hopefully I will bring up enough courage to show you my EOTD or FOTD in the near future :)


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