Friday, November 28, 2008

Makeup Lingo

New in discovering beauty and makeup world? Ever bump upon short forms in beauty articles? Don't fret, let's learn together most of the makeup lingos commonly used among beauty writers and bloggers. They are pretty much self-explanatory, so are you ready? Here are a list of lingos i compiled as i came across them in some blogs and websites:

FOTD = Face of the Day/Feature of the Day
EOTD/EOTN = Eyes of the Day/Eyes of the Night
CCO = Cosmetics Company Outlet
e/l = eyeliner
e/s = eyeshadow
l/g = lipgloss or lipglass
l/l = lipliner
l/s = lipstick
EDM = Everyday Minerals
MSF = Mineralized Skin Finish
MUA = MakeUp Artist
PP- Paint Pot
SN = Silk Naturals
MAC = Makeup Artist Cosmetics
UDPP = Urban Decay Primer Potion
SS = shade stick
TFSI = Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MES = Mineralize Eye Shadow
MUFE = Make Up For Ever
LOTD = Look of the Day
BE = Bare Escentuals
MMU = Mineral Make Up
AHA = Alpha Hydroxy Acid
BBW = bath & body works
BHA = Beta Hydroxy Acid
CCB = MAC Cream Colour Base

Yey, that's quite a long list we have there...if you have anymore to add, you're welcomed to do so :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

MAC Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty fans *mew mew*....check out the launch of new MAC Hello Kitty colour cosmetics collection. I dunno whether this is something to be hysteric about since i don't personally go crazzzyyy for Hello Kitty (although i like pink!) but well, anything from MAC is worth looking into.

This Hello Kitty offerings fall into two collections: the Hello Kitty Colour Collection and the more high-end Hello Kitty Kouture. It's a sexy, fun and innocent fashion line, with shades range from pinks and turquoises to lavenders and greens.

Wow, this newbies on the block is definitely gonna drain out some cash from my bank. The line will arrive on MAC’s Web site Feb. 10, in North American stores on Feb. 12 and into overseas stores in March. Be first to catwalk your way to MAC counters, ciao!

You can find the complete pricelists from

Tell me what you think about this collaboration :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

MAC Little Darlings

Oh gosh, i can't wait for my little darlings to arrive in penang! Although we already have Red, She Said collections here, but something is still missing, my sweet little darlings... I'm talking about their combinations of 5 lipglass and lustreglass in 3 different colour schemes, Coral, Pink and Neutral. Here's the ad for MAC Little Darlings:

Sweet as sugar, sexy as ever

Little Darlings in Coral

Little Darlings in Pink

Little Darlings in Neutral

Aren't they lovely? Well i'm particularly interested in two colour schemes, Coral and Neutral but of course i can only grab one of it as i have limited budget :( These darlings are retailed at RM128 or $29.50...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dreamy Dresses with Ruffles

Can somebody please tell me why my images from polyvore cant be displayed properly in my first post??? I was using add image from web mode. Being new in this blogging scene, hopefully someone will help me resolve this issue T.T I really wana show off my polyvore designs! Here are a few of them, many more to come....Of coz i'm gona show you outfits with ruffles as it is coherence with my blog title :)

Dreamy Paris!

My trip to the Zoo....

Electric Shox

Are ruffles your fav? Share you designs with us here...