Monday, January 26, 2009

Good News Ladies!

It 's proven ladies...MAKEUP can really make us HAPPY!

Time to tell that to the BFs whom disapproves of you buying too much makeups. Let them know makeup really means a lot to us not only because they make us feel better about ourselves. They lift our mood whenever we are down and gives some of us motivation to continue our mundane every life. It is not that makeup can replace bfs but makeups are very personal to us ladies. Some people might think that we makeup lovers are lame and vain for spending so much time and money on our appearance. But nope, we are not as vain as they think we are, we have to be financially viable to be able to afford makeups, they're not cheap you know. But investments on good makeups are definitely worth the money as having them on can really boosts our confidence and brings radiant to our face whenever applied appropriately.

Back to the hypothesis, scientists in Japan have recently discovered exactly what goes through a women’s mind when she applies makeup. By using brain scanning equipment, they discovered that women experience a wave of euphoria and optimism as they prepare for their makeup routine, trumping the commonly held belief that positive feelings are experienced only after the makeup is applied.

This research is aimed to determine the cognitive activities involved in how a woman perceives herself with and without makeup. The goal: Reveal the exact reasons why women wear makeup and how it makes them feel better about themselves.

In conclusion, don't ask why we like to buy more and more makeup. You know why by now *wink*

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