Thursday, January 15, 2009

My LoVe for NARS!

NARS Spring 2009 Collection is finally out. They're out just a few days ago, on Jan 13th however the Spring 2009 collection will only be available in February. Of course, this collection does not receive as much raves and publicity as the MAC's Hello Kitty Collection, but I absolutely crave for NARS! I crave for them because I can never get them in Malaysia. Being only able to see them on the internet is heart-wrenching. Let me just feel them!

If i was a rich girl, nananananana...
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I still crave for last season's Holiday Palette although I know that I won't be able to have them =( Currently, selling at discounted price, $45 in
Love ya lots! muaks~

NARS Spring 2009 Collection

“My inspiration for spring was a very sexy woman,” explains François Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics. “I wanted a bit of a ‘70s feeling, somewhere between Guy Bourdin and Chris Von Wangenheim’s photographs— aggressive, but very sensual and fragile at the same time.”

Here goes Spring 2009 collection which is based on a "strong, sexy woman" as potrayed in the ad. So sweet yet strong and sophisticated! Classic!

Some lists of their NEW PRODUCTS:

Hungry Heart Blush Duo $37.00
Duo Concealer $30.00

Duo Eyeshadow $32.00
Hula Hula
Single Eyeshadow $22.00
Baby Girl
Night Sun
Orgasm/South Beach Multiple Duo $45.00
Cap Vert Multiple Bronzer $37.00
Sweet Revenge Lip Gloss $24.00
Shrinagar Lipstick $24.00

All are pretty pricey as usual but definitely worth the money to grasp them.

Finally, some quotes from the Master himself:

All these make sense to me. Does it to you?

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Love those quotes, he's totally right!