Saturday, January 31, 2009

FOTD: Pretty in Pink

Heyya there, take a deep breath everybody, for today I'm gonna show you girls my very first FOTD. As a disclaimer, I'm just a beginner beauty blogger who is constantly trying to improve my makeup skills. Please leave some constructive comments so that we can learn together in improving our makeup skill. So, there you go my first FOTD. This look was inspired by Fuzkittie on this post here. Did this look for a karaoke session + shopping outing with the girls =P

Close-up of my face, oh gosh, first time showing my face in my blog, ignore my 'stim' face and yeah, my freckles are pretty apparent here, trying to "embrace" them...

Close-up of my eyelid

Gotta love the lip colour! Nude pink lips are so IN this Spring

Items used on:

1) Face

Maybelline Perfect Concealer

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder

Kate Blush in OR-1

2) Eye

Majolica Majorca Majolook Palette

Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara

Red Earth Brow Liner

Not forgetting, Freshlook Pure Hazel lenses

3) Lip

MAC Cremesheen in Creme d' Nude

MAC Lipglass in Baby Sparks

My Maybelline Essentials

Three things I can't live without in my everyday makeup routine:

Recommended Maybelline Products except for the Eyeliner

From right: Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder, Perfect Concealer, Eyeline and Volum' Express Mascara

1) Maybelline Perfect Concealer

2) Maybelline Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

3) Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder

When I first started applying makeup to work, I only follow simple and quick steps as I am always in a rush for work (always woke up just in time to apply minimal makeup =P)

After my skincare regiments, i usually apply concealers on necessary areas on face; dark circles, fine lines, freckles, too many things to cover T_T... Next, followed by applying loose powder on face for shine-free and radiant skin. Finally, for a fresher and more awake eyes, apply mascaras on upper lashes to lengthen, thicken and define your eyelash. Using an eyelash curler before applying mascara is a definite must as this mascara does not curl my eyelash.

These Maybelline products are good for beginners for the considerable quality and budget. Worth a buy!

In conclusion, these products are an essential in my everyday makeup regime in order that I look fresh for work. Yeah, definitely I'll try to review every of my favourite products in future.

Do you care for your Makeup?

Makeup should be useful for feeling better and looking good. Cosmetics are made for keeping balance between looking attractive and having healthy skin. One can use lots of cosmetics products for wearing makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that cosmetics product does not last forever, as they have expiry dates too.

To ensure that your makeup does not gives you skin problems, you need to get rid of them once they are past their expiration date (check for expiry date on the package or consult the BA for shelf life) .

Below are the extracted recommended shelf period for each makeup and skincare products:

  • Liquid and Cream Foundation --> 2 years

  • Concealer --> 2 years

  • Powder --> 2 years

  • Mascara --> 6 months

  • Lipstick --> 12 to 18 months

  • Lip and Eye Pencils --> 12 to 18 months

  • Eyeshadow --> 2 years

  • Powder Blush --> 2 years

  • Cream Blush --> 2 years

  • Moisturizer --> 2 years

  • Eye Cream --> 6 months

  • Sunscreen --> 2 years

  • Face Cream --> 2 years
(*Source: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - wanna get my hands on this manual T_T)

Some extra quick makeup care tips:

  • Re-cap after use any cosmetics products

  • Avoid sharing any makeup item for the sake of hygiene

  • One should keep cosmetics containers sealed in proper manner

  • One should store the cosmetics items in a cool and dry place and keep them out reach of children.

Do you follow these guidelines? Tell me if you have more... :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tip of the Day

Having puffy eyes day, fret not! Run teaspoons under cold water, and place on eyes for a few seconds. Close the eyes, then using the rounded edge massage gently by rolling back and forth over the eye area.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Makeup Hauls from US

So excited! I have to tell you girls what I bought lately. I've got my hands on MAC's Holiday Collection: Adoring Carmine Face Brushes Set and the famed Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDPP). Despite burning a big hole in my pocket, hopefully this CNY I will earn it back from my ang pow money which I doubt will =P. Never mine, money can be earned back aif I work hard this year keke...

CNY surprise comes in two boxes

Product Description:

Medium-sized round brush bag in wine-coloured satin with red-orange patent zippered enclosure and wristlet. Also includes a fabric brush holder with four professional metallic red handled brushes and a gloss black M∙A∙C logo: the 187 SE, 168 SE, 190 SE and 194 SE Limited edition.

Product Description:

Packaged in a precious, genie-like bottle, Eyeshadow Primer Potion is an ultra-sheer, totally nude eye base that glides on with the wave of a wand and then disappears instantly. It's the ultimate eye prep for smoother, longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow.

Total damage: RM 200

Nevertheless, I'm satisfied with my hauls as I've been craving them for a period of time already. Reviews on them will follow suit soon, stay tuned!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese "Niu" Year!

Today is the biggest day of the year for all Chinese around the world. It is the time where we have the opportunity to meet and gather with our long time no see relatives while getting the most updated news about them. More importantly is appreciating the food and our family.

Before the big day, we usually prepares for reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year. For my family, we will usually have Steamboats! Here are the dishes prepared for the big nite:

Me wrapped the 'Sui Kau'
Wow, what huge juicy prawns we have here...

Some veges apart from seafood and meat

Some other dishes available plus must-have, golden mushrooms...
Yummy, mum made some delicious tomyam soup...

The bf initiating the steamboat session =P


Wishing all of you a Happy Lunar New Year with great HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS!

Good News Ladies!

It 's proven ladies...MAKEUP can really make us HAPPY!

Time to tell that to the BFs whom disapproves of you buying too much makeups. Let them know makeup really means a lot to us not only because they make us feel better about ourselves. They lift our mood whenever we are down and gives some of us motivation to continue our mundane every life. It is not that makeup can replace bfs but makeups are very personal to us ladies. Some people might think that we makeup lovers are lame and vain for spending so much time and money on our appearance. But nope, we are not as vain as they think we are, we have to be financially viable to be able to afford makeups, they're not cheap you know. But investments on good makeups are definitely worth the money as having them on can really boosts our confidence and brings radiant to our face whenever applied appropriately.

Back to the hypothesis, scientists in Japan have recently discovered exactly what goes through a women’s mind when she applies makeup. By using brain scanning equipment, they discovered that women experience a wave of euphoria and optimism as they prepare for their makeup routine, trumping the commonly held belief that positive feelings are experienced only after the makeup is applied.

This research is aimed to determine the cognitive activities involved in how a woman perceives herself with and without makeup. The goal: Reveal the exact reasons why women wear makeup and how it makes them feel better about themselves.

In conclusion, don't ask why we like to buy more and more makeup. You know why by now *wink*

Monday, January 19, 2009


I love love love looking at face charts. Even my collage banner portrays of some MAC face charts hehe...I hope that one day I could make my face looks like it belongs to one of the face charts.

Face charts are usually created by the head makeup artist to be followed by fellow makeup artists to complete the look for a fashion show. Thus producing face charts are important in order for makeups on every models face are coherent with the one on face chart. In addition to this, face charts are also produced by makeup brands to represent the looks for their current makeup collection and to promote and provide clients with makeup instructions; how to use each and every products they launched. For example, MAC has created some looks for their current collection, Brunette Blonde Redhead while NARS has some for their 3.1 Philip Lim Spring '09 looks. I'll show you girls the looks from each of my fav brands in my future posts.

Blow Dry by MAC for Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

B-Babe by MAC for Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

Live and Dye by MAC for Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

NARS for 3.1 Philip Lim '09

Here's how it looks on models, nice?

Here are the compilation of some of my favourite looks from MAC's past collection, I've forgotten which collection they were from too =P You can get them from numerous websites, even from Polyvore (actually I discovered them from there =P). What I hate is that certain websites actually charge you for the face charts with the applications instructions, wth? Can't believe it.

MAC look: Word of Mouth

MAC look: Sunsonic

MAC look: Polar Opposite

MAC look: Eve
MAC look: Ahoy, There

All pretty smokey eh except Ahoy, There, now you know I love Smokey Eyes, everyone loves them, hehe... If you're interested to create your own face chart, click on the blank chart for printable version.

Links to some attractive face charts:


Beauty on a Budget (Mostly MAC's face charts. There's also downloadable version of MAC makeup manual from this site).

Try it yourself! Let me know how yours look like, I would love to see it =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trend Alert: Barely There Makeup

The latest makeup trend for this spring isn't one. With most of the runway models sporting barely any makeup on their face (In some cases, they were completely free of mascara!), this has begin to be one of the top looks for coming spring.

NARS Cosmetics has also created a fresh, innocent face using beige, yellow and orange. Soft, dewy skin and sparkled cheeks, combined with a brilliant yellow gold eyelid, brought a youthful brightness to the look. Mascara was not used to create a bare, innocent eye. A nude-peach gloss finish on the lips rounded out the fresh look.

Face Chart created by Ayako, NARS Cosmetics International Makeup Director

Runway look for Chris Benz Spring'09

Even some celebs have been spotted with minimalist makeup look. Jessica Alba being one of, appears at 2007 Teen Choice Awards with barely wearing any makeup except for naturally coloured lined upper lash, some bronzer, blush, lipstick and definitely mascara.

Jessica Alba looking flawless with minimal makeup

My fav Gossip Girl cast, Leighton Meester

To translate this look from runways to regular life, look for products with a hint of tint: tinted moisturizers, tinted lip balms, and maybe the sheerest pink lip gloss. Of course, with so much skin showing, you'll want to get your complexion in tip-top shape. I know, I know—easier said than done—but there's plenty of time between now and next spring, right?

For creating your own barely there makeup, I have compiled some valuable lessons from Sephora as a reference:

Step One: Start With Eye Brightener
Apply to dark circles, inner corner of eyes and below the brow bone. Gently blend with a synthetic brush.

Step Two: Add Creamy Natural Shadow
Apply sheer shadow to upper lids from lash line to brow bone, concentrating most of your color from lash line to the crease. Use your fingers to blend.

Step Three: Add Brown Liner
To create the illusion of a thicker, fuller lash line, gently work liner in between lashes from inner to outer corner.

Finish with a very light coat of mascara. Brown works best as it's more natural, and you're done!

What do you think of this trend?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tip of the Day

All you need is 5-minutes in the bathroom to get your skin glowing. The ingredients needed are your usual facial cleanser and a packet of oatmeal.

Mix a couple of pumps of cleanser with a palmful of dry oats and pack it on your skin. Rinse after five minutes. Your skin will feel tighter, smoother and moisturized.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My LoVe for NARS!

NARS Spring 2009 Collection is finally out. They're out just a few days ago, on Jan 13th however the Spring 2009 collection will only be available in February. Of course, this collection does not receive as much raves and publicity as the MAC's Hello Kitty Collection, but I absolutely crave for NARS! I crave for them because I can never get them in Malaysia. Being only able to see them on the internet is heart-wrenching. Let me just feel them!

If i was a rich girl, nananananana...
*photo credit:*

I still crave for last season's Holiday Palette although I know that I won't be able to have them =( Currently, selling at discounted price, $45 in
Love ya lots! muaks~

NARS Spring 2009 Collection

“My inspiration for spring was a very sexy woman,” explains François Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics. “I wanted a bit of a ‘70s feeling, somewhere between Guy Bourdin and Chris Von Wangenheim’s photographs— aggressive, but very sensual and fragile at the same time.”

Here goes Spring 2009 collection which is based on a "strong, sexy woman" as potrayed in the ad. So sweet yet strong and sophisticated! Classic!

Some lists of their NEW PRODUCTS:

Hungry Heart Blush Duo $37.00
Duo Concealer $30.00

Duo Eyeshadow $32.00
Hula Hula
Single Eyeshadow $22.00
Baby Girl
Night Sun
Orgasm/South Beach Multiple Duo $45.00
Cap Vert Multiple Bronzer $37.00
Sweet Revenge Lip Gloss $24.00
Shrinagar Lipstick $24.00

All are pretty pricey as usual but definitely worth the money to grasp them.

Finally, some quotes from the Master himself:

All these make sense to me. Does it to you?

Tools that Accentuate Your Eyes

What do you think is the most valuable asset on your face? How far will you go to improve how they look?

Again, my trip to The Face Shop was not wasted by just buying a single item. We bought their False Eyelashes for a reasonable price (RM7.90) as we were looking for cheap false eyelashes (range around <>

There are only 2 types to choose from: criss-crossed/overlapping and straight. For the criss-crossed type, they have a few selections: thickness and length. The BA told us the criss-crossed lash type will look more natural compared to the straight lash type. So we decided to buy those criss-crossed ones but of different length.

The green label with XN means it has longer lash line while XNS is shorter.

Falsies glue are also included!

*Updated: My first time wearing a falsies :) batting eyelashes ~wink wink~

Let's move on to another essentials to make your eyes shine and twinkle (if you have monotonous, dull eye color and would like to spice them up =)...

*Solution: Colour Contact Lens!*

At first, I was also sceptical about wearing contacts since I am not shortsighted, just some astigmatism. The thought of wearing them scares me a lot. I really wonder what everyone who wears contacts were thinking about when they have to pull open their eyes big enough to put the contacts in or maybe it's hard only for me coz I have small eyes, typical asian eyes = =. Again, my first time, i guess people can have a lot of first times in their life as long as they dare to take up challenges. Took me quite a while to get it in before I finally succeed. But I feel that it's a challenge worth taking to enhance small eyes of mine.

So, I got myself Freshlook Colorblends Contacts by CIBA vision in Pure Hazel. At first, a fren of mine recommended Amethyst because it looks really natural and glowy on her. However, me bieng a coward would like to try a colour closer to my eyes natural colour just in case. Scared later it turns out to be too extreme, scaring my frens off. So, in the future, definitely gonna get myself Amethyst!

My beloved Pure Hazel falsies soaked in solution >.<

Back to Pure Hazel, they appear a bit greenish after I wear them. So I think it depends on your eye colour to see whether what colour it turns out to be. Too bad I'm not able to try out the colour that suits me best because of the ongoing promotion with 3 pairs of colour contacts sold at RM120.

*Updated: Me eyes with Pure Hazel, nice?

My bears in the background and my Queen magazine

I also bought this Multi-Purpose Solution also by CIBA vision to cleanse my beloved. Need to take care of them as your eyes are one of the most important organs you own. Remember, the advice from the optometrist is that to change the soaking solution once every 2-3 days when not using them and everyday if you use them. They can also last longer if you only wear them occasionally like around 2-3 months too...

Now, with this power tools applied, makeup applied, you're ready to take on the world and make all your girlfriends green with envy and guys amazed at the transformation.

Have fun trying them on!