Sunday, April 24, 2011

Macarons for Me for You...

I caught a glimpse of this colorful cookies while dining at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang last Sunday. I have been in love with this cookies since I tasted those from Paul UK and Laduree France. Since the trend of eating macarons has been catching up in Malaysia, more macaron cookie bakeries are budding here already :D

There are 6 macaron cookies in a box each with different fillings; coffee, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate etc.

They don't look as beautiful as those bought overseas but they do taste OK, nothing to shout about though since I have been spoilt by Laduree. Considering they are only sold at RM5 a box (unbelievable!), I think this is a good way to introduce this sweet macarons to Penangites :P

Going on to something unrelated to macarons, I have been curious to try out Cotton On nail polishes. As saying goes, curiosity kills the cat, I decided to get this shade, Purple Haze for a try. Stay tuned for the NOTD :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

9 All Natural DIY Skin Care Recipes

Fix your post winter skin ailments with these homemade beauty products

9 All Natural DIY Skin Care Recipes
This is a skin care article
Along with warm, longer days and a bounty of green, flowers and baby animals (aw …), spring brings a plethora of ingredients perfect for healing, hydrating and alleviating your skin. We've compiled 9 amazing skin care recipes that are made from ingredients found in your local grocery store.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have a piece of Cotton On!~

I have been accessories hunting lately. Guess where I found this edgy ring? Cotton On lol...I have been seeing this double cross ring appearing in fashion blogosphere lately. Finally I am able to grab it in my country, weeeehehehe... =)

Cotton On recently opened a store in Penang and the store is having sales or value buys most of the time. I love to shop at Cotton On because their fashion are very current and most important of all, affordable.

This is my favourite accessory currently, the double finger cross ring!!! 

Antique Silver Ring from Cotton On

 In addition,
a swatch of NYX Perfect Taupe lipstick that I bought recently.

My overall face makeup with the lipstick. How dark my lips look after applying Perfect Taupe, I look gothic! I usually wear it along with a nude lipstick, MAC Creme d Nude or any nude lipstick to make me look less scary :P