Saturday, December 20, 2008

Review: The Face Shop Fresh Cucumber Pack

I always thought that having oily skin means i already have enough moisture to keep my skin from dryness. But actually the oilier your skin is, the drier and flakier your skin can become. After realising that I need some moisture to increase my skin's hydration level, I bought this mask at The Face Shop.

Without further delay, here's the introduction at the back of the packaging:

"Revitalizes and hydrates flaky, exhausted skin"

with details:

- This revitalizing wash-off cucumber pack provides the concentrated care of a salon facial from the comforts of home to hydrate and soften flaky, exhausted skin.

It has a pretty long lists of ingredients, i guess you can read it from here :P

The package also explains some of the benefits of cucumber:

Cucumbers, which are over 90% water, help quench skin's thirst while their mineral and potassium richness promotes metabolism and revitalizes skin.

Here's the product pic and texture of this cucumber mask:

It is soft, gel-like and contains beads of cucumber extract.

Some simple directions of usage:

1) Spread evenly over face avoiding eye areas after washing and applying toner.

2) Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
You can use it as often as twice a week if you feel you need more moisture surge but you can gradually reduce it to once a week usage.

After using the mask, your skin will feel instantly revived and you do not need to apply your moisturizer after this session. I give two thumbs up to this mask as it is easy to apply on face, it smells good (like cucumber la), easy to rinse off and it is quite affordable (around RM39.90).


CY said...

Correct correct..the oiler the skin, you need more moisturizer...just like mine..i also just realised after told by the sales girl..hehe

queenyee said...

yeah yeah...your skin getting better d?