Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Season Party Dresses

Heyya girls, Christmas and New Year is just around the corner, and surely we'll be heading to parties!!! Of coz, you can't wear sleazily and some last season attires to parties like this...

This is a good time for you to go shopping and get some new outfits, moreover there's nothing to lose with all the sales going on everywhere :) You may be extra broke this month, but who cares, its how you impress the crowd in this holiday season that matters, rite...

Let's glam up by taking a look at some examples of in-trend party dresses:

As always, the all time favourite Little Black Dress

Ruff-ed your night out with this fabulous dresses

Wearing a Sequined Dress to party is definitely gonna get the party started

Add some colour to the party with ombre

After seeing these gorgeous dresses online, we went to Queensbay Mall to check out what they have in store for us, and truly, there are quite a number of great deals available. Without much delay, we set our foot forward to Forever 21. They having an up to 70% sale, we were so excited!!! But as we look through each piece of clothings on sale, we noticed that all the sizes are M onwards. How is it gonna fit my tiny frame?? Even some size S are pretty large for me :( But i never give up, I patiently hunt for the clothes and dresses which fit me, and yeah sure I found a few. Hehe...let's take a look how they look on me :)

Can you guess which one I finally bought? Which one looked best on me?

Even though we cannot always get what we want for we cannot always afford all the extravagant dresses, but what we can do is that we find the similar piece which potrays the similar current trend on a budget. With this, you will not only not empty your bank account but also kept updated on the latest trends. Trends are seasonal, but style last forever. Make them your own. Take my word for it. That is why I always love sales :)


CY said...

I know I know which one you bought..hehehe

Siew Goh said...

i guess you bought the first one.. !!! lol... yeah i remember your nextime when i want to buy a piece of clothes i wont be hesitating for so long..