Monday, December 1, 2008

I wish i have all of them!

My 1st day of KL trip, we went to One U for shopping, haven't been there for almost a year now...seeing PJ and DU is almost feeling nostalgic, i have stayed in that part of the city for four years during my uni time. Kinda missing these places, i think most part of it is because of the many shopping experiences that KL gave me and is still giving me. lame, as if KL is only worth its shopping trips XD

So, we head off from KL City Centre to One U for lunch, took us around half an hour to reach, luckily weren't caught in any major traffic jam, phew! It is really a challenging task to drive such a distance in KL as i am not particularly familiar with KL's confusing traffic arrangements but luckily, thank GOD we didn't lose our way. Was really scared we would actually reach Holland, just kidding :P

Ok, ok...let's go to the main topic now, as i wasn't interested to perform a major spree in One U, so i was only looking around the stores until i discovered this -->

I like this bear in particular

The not so ready christmas deco in One U

My dream Forever Friends bears, stacked in a christmas tree array. Oh, they were all so lovely and so cuddly, makes me wana hug them...So we make our way to the store that sells them and found more bears there! After looking around the stores and check their prices, i decided not to buy them as they're too pricey...I don't blame them as the bears are soft and of good quality. Maybe i won't buy them now, but i might in the future or i might pester someone to buy it for me as a gift perhaps?

So people out there, my frensss... you know what you gotta do to cheer me up!

Finally, after some buys and a pair of tired legs, we set off to treat our hungry stomachs at SS2 pasar malam. Tried the "Sai Mai Lo", Chee Cheong Fun and some assorted junk food...and again journey back to our hotel for a rest after a long tiring day and recuperate for our next shopping trip.

Thats all for today, will update you guys soon about my trip :)

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