Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Gift From Heaven

I have many reasons to feel elated yesterday yet i feel sad and empty. I was happy because i received so many gifts from my BF who just came back from HK. All are my favourites, he has been very attentive to my needs, although he might not be able to fulfil each and everyone of them, i guess i have a lot too....but he tries his best! He made all this sacrifices for me and yet he did not buy his favourite NIKE :( I feel sad for him that he has waited so long to have it and yet he didnt buy it. All because he bought me this

and this

To my beloved, although things might be going hard on you now, but be strong, even when i am immature, be strong, even when im not understanding, be strong...sorry for the things i made you put through and when you have to put up with my irrationality.

I dedicate this post to you as a token of my love and appreciation to you, dont give up when you're down, the sky is our limit and time will heal every wound that is inflicted on us on our journey through life. I hope life experiences will make me a better woman. Thank you for being my rock and never failing to love me.

Sincerely yours.


Siew Goh said...

u finally got ur favourite bear bear! :D

queenyee said...

yup :) now keeping it beside me on my bed, but will bring it to my new cube soon.