Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review: Elianto Pomengranate Lip & Eye Remover

As the name implies, this makeup remover is specially for eyes and lip area usage. I bought this as I read some good reviews about them in PinkyPlue and Paris B.

Here's a brief description about this makeup remover:

This gentle formula easily remove all waterproof and long-wearing eye and lip colour makeup, leaving skin clean, supple and free from oil residue.

Some instructions on the usage:

Shake well to mix the ingredient, pour optimum amount onto cotton wool and wipe gently.

How it looks like after shake

This is my first makeup remover, thus in my opinion, for a first timer, it really works well as my makeup can easily come off after holding it on my closed eyes and a gentle swipe plus not make my skin feels dry. However I sometimes forget to shake the bottle before use to mix the ingredient. It has a faint smell of pomegranate which I kinda like, not too strong for me. Most importantly, the price is quite reasonable (below RM20 plus I get a 10% discount :)) It comes in a small bottle of 110ml which makes it convenient to travel with.

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