Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby, I'm in London!

I had a great time in London doing all the touristy stuffs; visiting their famous landmarks and monuments, enjoying the four season's weather that I cant experience here in Malaysia and shopping at Oxford St. to the max!!!

The gorgeous landscape of London's icon at night; London's Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey...

The weather was kinda extreme one our first few days in Europe, it was too cold for a spring approaching to summer weather, and us being vain thought that we could withstand the weather a bit but we were wrong, that's why we ended up shivering at night due to lack of clothings! O~O

Me and my babe as my travelling companion, Panasonic GF-1 :D

Regent St is so lively at night with the bright lights! We are walking towards Piccadilly Circus direction from Oxford St.

I'm so happy that I hauled from H&M on our first day in London!

Going nuts thinking that we're braving the cold again early in the morning....

After a week plus spent outside England, we're back! This time the weather completely changed, temperature rises and summer finally arrives. Good new to Londoners!

It was more convenient to travel with less clothes now, but we just keep on sweating with the current hot weather! Not so cool! O-O

At St. Paul's Cathedral, love taking pic with the high columns...

Millenium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge featured in one of the Harry Potter movies connects St. Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern along River Thames.

A must see icon of London is still Tower Bridge, there's something regal and outstanding with it, also featured in the movie Sherlock Holmes.

Stopped by at Tower of London for food and rest. Fish and chips are available in the area. WCs are so hard to find moreover it is not FOC :(

Everyone loves to take snap a pic with the guards at Horseguard Palace :) He was very fidgety at that time, so scared he did not like being photographed with me :P

And off we go strolling along St. James Park on our way to Buckingham Palace.

Feeding the pigeons with my hands literally is definitely a new experience, feels a bit 'geli' :P

My new found friend in London, the cute fluffy squirrel. Too bad I wasn't carrying any peanuts with me at that time.

At Buckingham Palace :)

On the next day, we decided to take the underground to go places...enough of walking on foot! The tube station nearest to our hotel was packed with people, i think they are mostly tourists...

Remember this from Harry Potter again? :P

I'm a self proclaimed Arsenal football club fan ^O^

The crowd's having so much fun in Hyde Park since the summer is here!

Of course we also joined in the fun :) Baby sporting the latest England jersey top. Too bad England's knocked out at round of 16 :(

That's it for my adventures in London! I wish I can return again in future! Miss the metropolitan very much!


amanda said...

looks like you had a blast! I love yuor outfit, especially the polka dot tights!

queenyee said...

thanks, i love the tights too, they are my precious now :P