Sunday, April 5, 2009

My very first DIOR <3<3<3

Thanks to my beloved friend, Chooi Yee, I finally own my very first DIOR Addict High Shine lipstick! After so much temptation from beauty bloggers out there, especially you Fuz! I could not resist myself to grab one too...

It comes in its signature high shine packaging :P

I adore the shine so much! I was torn between 174 and 260, both gives very shimmery nude color. 174 has more pinkish tone while 260 has a coral tone. I got to know that 260 is a limited edition shade from the BA too :P But in the end I picked 174 as I don't have a shimmery rose pink tone lipstick. Fuz, 174 is still available in Penang :) I already have my MAC Shy Girl which is more of coral tone lipstick.

Here's 174 with flash and without flash:

I love how shiny it looks on my lips! You can apply this lipstick without gloss and it still makes your lips super sheen.

The overall look with 174!

I also tested DIOR Iconic Mascara, I did not purchase it as I did not read any reviews on it yet :P


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your new Addict HIgh shine! ;)

Yeah, I also got my second one yesterday, but didn't have time to make a haul post on my blog, yet.


Cerise said...

Nice lipstick, it looks really good on you.
I'm from JB, and I'm thinking of getting a Dior Addict High Shine for myself too. May I know the price because I've been trying to find out from Cleo but to no avail.

I hope you don't mind and thanks for everything!

queenyee said...

Hi Jess, I'm afraid there will be more to come after the first one, my pocket will suffer :P

Hi Cerise, no prob, it is retailed at RM84 here in Malaysia :)

Juh said...

I'd really liked your blog. I'l be always here! Kisses

Yumeko said...

WHEEEE Dior lippie
very nice!!
btw u have really nice hair, it frames ur face really well

pIGgy said...

so nice so nice! love the l/s a lot!!