Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~I Heart My Blog Award~

Rules: List 7 things or people you are passionate about. List the person that gave you the award. Put the award logo. List 7 other bloggers you feel are worthy of this award.

It is an honour to receive this award from my dear blogger friend, Siew Goh from The Color Palette.

Things I'm passionate about:

1) My Dear BF

I love him to the bits. He's my rock and has been there for me always ever since we have known each other. It's hard to describe everything about you in words. I will always be passionate about you dear!

2) THIS Blog!

Ever since I have started this blog, I felt so attached to it, it is my baby, my flesh and blood. This is where I express myself and my passions, my feelings and emotions. I also make a lot of new friends with same interest from blogging. Thanks girls for all the encouragements and sweet comments received on this blog. Totally appreciates them :)

3) Beauty & Makeup

Oh my, I'm so addicted to skincare and cosmetics now! It was so much fun playing around with makeups but also not forgetting that skincare is the basic and foundation to good skin. Cosmetics' purpose is to enhance beauty, not to make it worse, thus choosing the right cosmetic to apply on your face is equally important. Of course, after applying all the makeup, make sure you are still you. Be who you are and not another person.

4) Fashion

I'm always amazed at how fashion changes so fast and I find it so fascinating that we often have to chase and hunt a trend down and before we know it, it is already last season. Of course, don't become a fashion victim, produce your own style, be a trendsetter. That's the utmost important.

5) Forever Friends Bears

I have been dreaming about Forever Friends Bears for as long as I can remember seeing my friends bought them at the Gift Store.They are so elegant and cuddly, with hair so soft and golden, with pink flushed cheeks. They're so cute! My dream of owning them came true when I got older and I can finally afford to buy them. However, my bf will buy them for me as gifts because he knows I love them lots! That's why I love him! ;D

6) Pets

Cats are the pets I love to have the most when I was young. I have a few of them when I was younger. But now, I seem to love dogs more as there are more miniature dogs around. Not that scary anymore. I used to see a lot of huge and angry dogs when I was little which makes me so scared to go near dogs. But I'm over that fear now and my fave dog breed for now is Husky. I know, they are huge dog but they're still cute.

7) Crocheting

Crocheting is what I do when I have some free time. I enjoy making scarves and hats and others things adorable. Other than this, I would love to learn up knitting as well.

So now, it is time to pass on this wonderful award to those I think deserve it :) The receipients are... *drumrolls pls*

Li Choo from piggy~makeup~lover - my best cosmetics and makeup buddy

Fuz from Fuzkittie - for all your pretty hauls and great makeup skills

M from Make Me Blush - for your fabulous jewelry line and I love NYC

Tina from Luphia Loves - for the love of both art and fashion

Connie from Skin Deco - for your great tutorials and amazing reviews

Yumeko from Welcome to my every day... - for your great info on Japan and all Japanese makeup

Paris from My Women Stuff - for your great reviews and giveaways


pIGgy said...

haha, thanks for ur award! *Hugz hugz*
just notice you changed ur blog template, looks sweeter and lovely~ :D

fuzkittie said...

TY girl!! <333

Siew Goh said...

wow.. piggy need to write 14 things.. hahahha

Yumeko said...

oh thank you! i gotta come up with some stuff heeee