Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TFS Vita K & Vita B Masks

Mask mask mask. Everybody loves them. It is time to review the masks from The Face Shop that I bought previously during the sale period. So here you go, two masks are up for review:

Vita K mask sheet: with detoxifying seaweed extracts


Deep penetrating formula with Vitamin K

Purifies the skin and helps reduce dark circles under the eyes

Vita B mask sheet: with energy boosting cucumber and brocolli extracts


Deep penetrating formula with Vitamin K

Moisturizes, brightens and helps fight acne

Here's a snapshot of back of package for more details.

As told by the SA, Vita K mask should be used before Vita B mask to help purify the skin before any brightening or moisturising steps in order for our skin to absorb the nutrients better.

What I think about these masks:

The masks are pretty loaded with essense that sometimes it will drip down from your face when you're using them. They are also okay to use but what I don't like is I wake up with oily face the next morning after using them! I have oily combination skin. Usually I will not apply moisturiser after using the mask sheets. I even save up some essense which are left in the package after I removed the mask.

Will I repurchase? It is fine to use them once in a while but I'll still be looking for other masks to try on.

Masks are good for relaxation purpose and helps you to refresh exhausted skin but to actually see the good effect, we will need to use them regularly without fail. We can't be lazy when it comes to taking care of our skin. As the saying goes, there's no ugly women, only lazy ones. Be sure to apply masks once a weeks for healthier looking skin :)

Something additional related to mask. Eye mask has becoming essential nowadays so it is important to know how to paste your eye mask around the eye area. This eye mask is from The Face Shop too which I have reviewed before. They're quite a big piece enabling coverage around my under eye area.

Stick them along under eye line following the shape of your eye. Leave for 30-40 minutes or according to the recommended duration given.


miku said...

Oh! they look awesome!

fuzkittie said...

Good reviews! I wonder why that serum is blue..