Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Product from Etude House + NOTD

Etude House, a makeup + skincare house from Korea came to Queensbay not long ago. My first visit to the shop was memorable. I was awed by the amount of makeup goodies available in the store. There was much more variety available there and they are pretty affordable too. Packaging wise, they are adorable, very Korean-like cute hehe...

I didn't have much time in the store so I only managed to grab only one thing. Something I have in mind for quite some time but didn't manage to find the right shade. Nail polishes, I finally found them at Etude House, reasonably priced and come with so many color choices. All the colors were so cute, I wish I can have all of them! >.<

Cute light pink color in cute packaging too :)

My first NOTD!

The color is soft but noticeable on my nails. I love it!

I have only applied a coat on my nails as I wear this to work, just so that it looks natural :P
Let me know of your Etude House nail experience =P


Yumeko said...

i love their nail polishes
i did a crazy haul when i was in seoul

fuzkittie said...

Pretty!! I wanna try Etude too