Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Hauls!

Today, I have a mission, a huge mission; to go Gurney Plaza and grab some MAC stuffs :) The Brunette Blonde Redhead and Cremeteam collection has finally arrived last week, I took this chance to drag my bf there. Poor him, have to endure waiting for me trying out the lipsticks after lipglosses and me asking his opinion but the only response he gave me was it all look the same, what a good feedback! :P Thanks babe for the company and subsidy, kekeke!

My babies from MAC:

BBR Mineralized Skinfinish in Blonde, Cremeteam Shy Girl and Boy Bait

At first, I wanted to purchase Lavender Whip since it has received good feedbacks from fellow blogger but alas, the color is too dark purple for me, so pity :( I also tried a few lippies from the Cremeteam collection; Shy Girl and Creme Cup lipstick plus Boy Bait, Fashion Scoop and Ever So Rich lipglasses. The colors are fabulous and gorgeous! You girls should try it now if you have not done so.

I don't know why everytime when I have a product in mind to purchase, I will surely not buy the products I have in mind home. Same goes to the BBR collection, I thought I wanna take home BBR's Mineralize SkinFinish in Redhead, in the end I bought Blonde because the makeup artist told me that Blonde suits me more.

Moving on, let me tell you girls something, The Face Shop is having a SALE! They rarely have sale here, almost every items have their prices slashed by RM2 up to RM20. Yeah, so after hurting my pocket in MAC store, I hauled in TFS again.

Face Mask and Eye Patch: (from L-R) White Tree Intensive Patch, Raspberry Roots Eye Patch, Vita K and Vita B mask sheets

Anyway, I love my purchases although I burnt my whole pocket already. Loving them! :P



CY said...

So sales!!!!!!!

pIGgy said...

wow girl! this is great!! i also bought boy bait today :p haha..
i love shy girl too, Tammy tested both on my lips and it looks incredibly gorgeous! i love the nude yet shine color.. but i don't have money to buy shy girl dy.. T.T will wait for cute ster from HK lar..
the TFS sales is until when? i dont have money this month wor..wuwuwu..

queenyee said...

the TFS sales is till April, still a long time to save money if you plan to haul some skincare from there...hehe

so sad lavender whip is not the color that i want, but i'm satisfied with shy girl and boy bait, they look great together!

i did try creme cup and fashion scoop, not bad but not as gorgeous as shy girl+boy bait

and i tried Bobbi Brown's concealer today too!

totally satisfying shopping day :)

pIGgy said...

arrh... u try the BoBBi Brown concealer dy? how nice! i dont dare to try yet cause i have no money to buy.. so how was it? i am still thinking whether to get BB concealer or benefit erase paste..

queenyee said...

haha, i just dared myself to walk to the counter since they are having a function there :P

i was asking the makeup artists a lot of stuffs bout their products so they offer to try it on me keke...

its pretty ok price for me, RM80 for corrector and concealer each.

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohh nice haul! I'm the same with MAC...I go there thinking I know what I want but then leave with something else! I want to try some products from The Face Shop, their products look nice. =)

Siew Goh said...

the boy bait color is nice!!! im so happy to see so much makeup.. haha

queenyee said...

Siew Goh, you can own them too...hehe. Come, let's go Gurney this weekend :)