Thursday, February 5, 2009

MAC Adoring Carmine: Face Brushes Set

Finally, finally, finally...they're here!!! They reached me after flying from US -> HK and final destination PG. They took such a long route to reach me, but finally they are in my hands! I'm so excited! My first collection of brushes from MAC! Alrite, I know you all are curious about whom I'm so excited about =) They are my MAC Adoring Carmine Face Brushes...presenting them to you...taa daa....

Neat? My babies...

Here are my beloved brushes individually:

Clockwise: #187SE, #168SE, #194SE and #190SE

MAC #187SE (Duo Fiber Stipling Brush)

The brush diameter is pretty much the same as the full size one

Usage: For sheer application of foundation, either liquid or powder, loose powders, blushers, and also for highlighting and shading purposes, therefore it is also considered as a multi-purpose brush. Apply it in circular motion for the gorgeous airbrushed and smooth natural look.

MAC #168SE (Large Angled Contour Brush)

Usage: This brush is fabulous for applying color to the cheekbones. Useful for daily application of blush and bronzer. The size and angle lend it readily to contouring and more precise application but still soft enough to make application look natural.

MAC #190SE (Foundation Brush)

Usage: This brush can be used with liquid, creamy, or powder foundations for a smooth and even finish. This can even be used with moisturizer and creamy products like the Cream Colour Bases.

MAC #194SE (Concealer Brush)

Usage: Designed for applying concealer, very small with a pointy tip that works well for targeted application.

When I first received them, I tried them on my hands for some quality check. I can only comment on the comparison between SE and full size brush for MAC #187SE as I have only tried the full size #187 which belongs to LiChoo. You can check out her review on 187 here. She's the one who got me on the #187 fever. Blame her...just kidding =P

Back to reviewing 187SE, its hard to tell the difference in softness/smoothness between the SE and full size. However, the first few times I use the brush, it sheds a lot, sticking on my skin I have to sweep them away from my face often, not good :( However, after washing them up, the brushes sheds a lot less, phew! Again, with her advice, I bought the mild baby shampoo to keep my brushes clean yet soft.

Initially, I was awe-strucked by the quality and the smoothness of MAC #187 on my face that I was so determined to buy it. But, I guess I'm not ready to fork out so much money for a single brush (sold for RM180 here in Malaysia $%*&#@!!!), so I think to myself, why not I try the SE. So, yup, I decided to buy this set just for MAC #187SE. Despite the fact that it seems a bit late for me to get my hands on last holiday season collection, I am entitled to 25% discount for them. Worth the wait or not? hehe...

In future, not so near future, recession now =( I'm gonna try their SE eyes brushes since I can't really afford full size brushes, when there are still many things to add on to my makeup collection.

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pIGgy said...

haha, 187 is a must have! it is good that you get it with so much cheaper price..