Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kissable Lips for V Day

Valentines Day is here! Either we're going out for a dinner date or staying in for a movie date or just doing anything, we gotta look GREAT, not just good on this romantic day.

One particularly important thing that you must remember, make the day memorable, rekindle the love again, take your partners breath away by making your lip as kissable as possible. Don't mind the makeup, it has to pair up well with your selected lip color. Your lip should be the center of attention on this important day.

Here are the materials for my lip experiment:

  1. Majolica Majorca BE155

  2. Majolica Majorca PK384

  3. The Face Shop BR801

  4. Maybelline Mango Punch

  5. MAC Jubilee

  6. MAC Creme d' Nude
I particularly adores nude lips for this spring, be it pink or orange toned. Therefore, I have tried on a few of my lipsticks to create several combination of lip colours. Of course, we must pair nude lips with dark bold eye makeup as Fuz commented in her Beauty Faux Pas post. Hehe...totally agree with her on that! Make sure that you always wear your nude colored lipstick with gloss so that you don't look like a sick person.

MAC Creme d' Nude + MJ BE155

the gorgeous nude lip

MAC Creme d' Nude + MJ PK384

the sweet lip

Maybelline Orange + MJ BE155

the mysteriously sexy lip

Jubilee + MJ BE155

the pouty shiny lip

So, let's give your love ones one big hug and huge kiss. Muaksssss...

Happy Valentine's Day!


fuzkittie said...

Wooo lovely sexy lips! Hehehe, yes, nude lips with gloss would be ideal and with dark eyes! :] I love the second one where you topped the nude lips with MM gloss!

Siew Goh said...

yeahhh.. sexy lips u have... :*

pIGgy said...

I love the 4th one! looks gorgeous! XD

Jamilla Camel said...

I love them all! Yum!