Monday, June 4, 2012

Cute Drugstore Blush by Cosmagic

These adorably diamond-cut packaged blush powder by Cosmagic was obtained during my trip to Hong Kong last year. I picked this pink blush with gradient that can be conveniently used separately or together. The heart shaped portion of pink shade has the strongest color with satin finish. If you prefer lighter application, you can swirl the three colors together for softer look. And if you just need some highlight on the high areas of your cheekbone, you may also use the lightest silver shade as highlight. The texture of the blush is a bit rough, not as finely milled as high end blush, but acceptable for drugstore standard. The package comes with a tiny blush brush for on-the-go application, nicely separated with a plastic insert.

Swatch (Left to Right)

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