Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Expanding Makeup and Accessories Storage

Lately my makeup items are facing lack of storage. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm really buying very much but I just feel like they deserve some nice breathing space so that I can find them easily :P This will definitely make me to use them more and not forgetting their existence.

Ignore the messy area and some pic collage behind my drawers @.@

Not any special storage drawer (in cute pink!), but a spacious one though.

I love how they feel so comfortable in their new home! :D

Let me show you also what's inside my other drawers. They have more space now and I can see my stuffs more clearly compared to last time :P Presenting my very humble collections of makeup (still a bit messy though) :P

I hauled again last weekend. MNG is having 50% sales now! Again, I was frustrated I was too late to find good stuffs from this sale :( Known about the sales a bit too late (two days late), also considered late coz all the girls here are crazy about MNG sales.

Anyhow, I still managed to buy a clutch and a cute mini sweater.

In straight jacket style...:P

Lastly, I would like to post my special thanks to my ji muis (sisters) for their wonderful birthday gift. Guess what they gave to me? Number one on my wishlist hehe...see, wishlists are not there for no purpose :P

I heart this mascara so much. Definitely my HG mascara right now, makes my tiny lashes looks gorgeous and more defined :P

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