Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Lovelies!~

My birthday just passed quietly while celebrating with my family, bf and friends. I am grateful to have them with me through my journey of life. They always make my day!

We never fail to surprise our friends with small gifts on their birthdays and I am not excluded as well :D

The drawings on the envelope must have symbolize the pretty things I love to own. I spot some diamond rings, apparel, money, love and some kisses :P They also know I love Topshop very much that they decided to subsidy my future purchases at Topshop.

I also received this skull ring as birthday gift. Isn't it special? *hearts*

Do you notice my nails? Finally they are colored! I also just received OPI Black Shatter in my mailbox. I really love it and do not think I regret purchasing it.

Chunky rings are so hot right now. A big thanks to my dear best-y for getting me these gorgeous rings! =)

My birthday pressies rings all worn together. They look great together right?

Lastly, this gorgeous Swatch watch is a gift from my bf. I have seen them on StyleScrapbook wrist and I straight away knew I have to get it XD

Looks good on me? =P

Say hi to Mr. Kangaroo and Ms. Koala from Aussieland. Aren't they adorable?

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all you lovelies! I heart you guys! =)


Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Happy late bday!
Love the rings!! adorable!

queenyee said...

thanks for the wish =)