Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leopard Print Inspired

My friends are always asking me why am I attracted to leopard prints or animal prints in general. Well, I just replied them that I love how cute they look on me =P

Of course, I do not wear animal prints from head to toe which would give people a fright when they see me. I usually wear them in small amount; sometimes as small accessories like headbands and sometimes shoes.

And this time on my nails...

I'm glad I buy this OPI Shatter nail polish. Using this is a brilliant idea of spicing your nail colors without spending too much time and money perfecting nail art or going to nail bars.

However, I think we must master the technique of applying OPI Shatter to obtain a desirable result. Here's how I did it =) :
  • Apply a bright base color (at least two coats). I used Etude House bright yellow polish as base.
  • Then, apply a clear base coat (to ensure the base color and Shatter will not mingle when Shatter is applied)
  • Let them be fully dry before continuing to apply Shatter.
  • You need to be quick to apply Shatter as it dries pretty quick. Make sure you have the right amount of Shatter on the brush for the crack to occur nicely.

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