Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Bags for New Year

I was too weak to control myself from hauling nowadays! But actually, I haven't been buying bags for such a long time since i have been addicted to makeups. So in order to make up for my lack of bag collections, I decided to bag more XD

It was a good deal, one of the few things that I dare to buy online are bags, at least you can still use them even if the size is wrong or different from what you expect it to be. Yeah, bags from Taiwan online stores are cheap, the quality is acceptable, you should check them out.

The first, a sling bag...

It's supposed to be in a cute baby pink color but the real product is of dull pink, my least favourite of the 3 :(

I love this the most, a Balenciaga inspired tote :D

Let you see me bagging it :P

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