Monday, February 22, 2010

Babe's Birthday Celebration

Babe aka BF celebrated his birthday last week where we headed to Chili's for a meal. I was dressed for the occasion and since Chinese New Year was near, I wore my newly bought floral dress :)

See how excited he was! Flaunting off his Real Madrid's jersey when he's a self-proclaimed loyal Man United fan hahaha...

Eating his favourite brownie :P

His favourite chips :P

I wonder why we have forgotten to take a picture together :(((

But here's a glimpse of my outfit on that special special day...

The makeup that goes with the dress, a purplish pink eye makeup teamed up with nudish pink lips...

Anyways, this is a photo of us together to compensate for the missing couple shot on that day :P

Hope we'll be able to celebrate each others birthday together for many many years to come, muakszzz ^O^

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Adri said...

Nice pictures... I love your dress is really nice and the purse is adorable. oh and thank you so much for all your beauty tips i'm always reading them. if you dont mind me asking where did you get the dress?