Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Makes Me Smile :)

It is a usual weekday where I came home from work, feeling tired. Usually I would just head to unlock my gate and go straight to my room without bothering to do any other things other than to bath and continue my night in front on the computer. I've been hooked on it for quite some time now ever since my bro left for studies in another state.

But on Tuesday, out of the norm, I walk down the walkway to check on my cacti. Yeah, I have quite a number of them and they are left unattended by me :P Initially my mum took care of them but now they are left to grow and fend for themselves. What a pity! So, me being a bad owner suddenly were reminded of their existence went over to give them a visit.

To my surprise, I saw flowers budding on one of my cactus! They're bright pink and there are a total of three petals. I think it is usually pretty hard for the cacti flowers to bloom other than in Cameron Highlands where I bought them from. But look, there's three of them on my cactus! I couldn't stop admiring them and taking pics after pics of the beautiful flower.

This pic was taken on Tuesday

The pot has weed on it due to negligence :P

The flower blooms gloriously today, pic taken today

Seeing them totally made my day. I did some modifications to these pics too <3>

Ain't nature beautiful?

Life is beautiful. Mother nature is amazing. When you're down, take a look at those around you and you will find that you can overcome any obstacles in this life! Remember,



Siew Goh said...

the shape of ur cactus look like..... lol

pIGgy said...

Siew Goh.. i know what you are thinking.. XP ~~

fuzkittie said...

They're very cute!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

thats coool! its very rare for them to blossom i think

queenyee said...

siew goh, don't pollute my beautiful cactus ok... XP