Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Colours of My Life

I have slowly been collecting more and more makeup every single day. With my current addiction level, I think I can't stop buying until I have each and every items from top to bottom, left to right. Sound scary rite? I'm gonna shop till I drop! *OMG*

I will do some color swatches of my eyeshadow palettes as promised a long time ago. By the way, these swatches are without primer. The color will show up better with a primer.

Here's my very humble eye makeup palette collection:

One small but happy family :D

*top: without flash, bottom: with flash*

Majolica Majorca Majolook in Pink (PK710)

I lurve to use this palette a lot for the pink color. As usual, MJ's eyeshadow's are pretty pigmented with very soft texture. I never have a high end eyeshadow thus I can't compare them with MJ. However, it has the best texture in category of drugstore products definitely.

Majolica Majorca Majolook in Gold (BR751)

The quality is the same as the previous MJ palette.

Kate Deep Eyes in Blue (BU-1)

My first Kate eyeshadow palette. I'm in love with it, every color has pretty shimmers and color is pretty pigmented too. However, texture wise, MJ is better but I'm satisfied with it. Totally considering to get another palette from this collection :) Eyeing the palette in green actually XD

Daiso Layered Eyeshadow in Purple

This palette is sold for only RM5, can you believe it??? It looks pretty pigmented in this pic however it doesn't really shows up that well in person especially the lighter ones, they seem to give a similar tone. But it's dirt cheap, already worth my every single cent.

Most of the swatches looks a bit washed out here, due to me using only my camera phone, which produce better picture quality than my camera when it comes to color swatching, ironic right? I need to get a more reliable camera in the future, grrr...

I love my MJ's palettes the most, too bad their eye palette does not have a variety of colors to choose from like KATE's. These two are the best Japanese drugstore products to me. Wait till I get very rich, I will pamper myself with every Lunasol, Coffret D'or, Maquillage, Jill Stuart, RMK palettes *I'm dreaming in the bright day light @.@*

I will show you girls my FOTD soon hopefully. Currently a bit busy with work :(

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Siew Goh said...

I will vote for you!!!

fuzkittie said...

Those colors are really pretty. Love Majo palettes!!!

Tine said...

I have the MM palette in pink, and I agree with you, the texture of the e/s is creamy and the colours beautiful. Too bad I only bought one :)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i like kate more than majo but i know almost everyone who likes majo more hahaha

the deep trap eyes from kate is a good range i think

pIGgy said...

I vote for you dy :D
your camera phone is better than my sister's canon.. the swatches are very nice!

queenyee said...

Tine: You can buy more when you come back to Malaysia :P

Yumeko: I love Kate for its wide range of colours but texture wise majo still wins :P

Piggy: I can't live without my camera phone now XP