Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FOTD: Mysterious Blue

I so loved Fuz's work with her Blue palettes that I was inspired to remake them. Me, equipped with my Kate Deep Eyes Palette (which I adores very much!) came out with this look. This is the same look that I did which I have shown you ladies as a teaser in one of my previous post. I apologized for the long delayed FOTD :P

Again, shimmery eye colors are very "IN" this Spring and Japanese makeups are usually famous for their shimmer eyeshadow palettes.

Materials used:

Maybelline Perfect Concealer
Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder
ELF Bronzing and Blush Powder
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Blonde

Red Earth Brow Liner
SilkyGirl Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Kate Deep Eyes Palette in Blue

MAC Shy Girl Lipstick
MAC Lipglass in Boy Bait
Mentholatum Lip Balm

This time I did it without the falsies. I really need to get some more falsies other than what I have now to create different looks every time.

I paired this eye color with peachy lip color from MAC Cremeteam collection, Shy Girl lipstick and Boy Bait lipglass. Both of them looks so great together!

Just Shy Girl alone...

Shy Girl again, she looks lonely here...

Shy Girl with Boy Bait, what a good match!

Very creamy and smooth, cremeteam collection lippies are my loves!

This look is pretty dramatic because I wore it for a nite out with my baby's buddies and I felt it was a bit inappropriate. It looks weird to be the only girl in the group and wearing such heavy makeup but whatever, I already put so much effort in perfecting so I'm not gonna clean it off! It's just for the sake of experimenting new colors.

The overall look... ^-^

nope, that's not my name on the wall...

At last you can see my lashes >.<

I'm having one of the bad hair day and I think that a disadvantage as I have is that I have a high forehead. With my kind of hairstyle, if they are not styled properly (meaning with volume), it may cause it to look worse which is sad :(

I have not had enough of camwhoring myself that I dragged my baby in with me. And I always look so fair beside him hehe...

He didn't want to steal my limelight he says... ++|||

I have to show you girls my heart earrings, they're gorgeous! Too bad Diva has left Queensbay, I'm gonna miss the store =(


Marietta said...

It doesn't look heavy!It looks fresh and cute!

beeyoutiful7 said...

Great work hun!
I also love your hair too =)

You and your bf look soo happy together! <3

fuzkittie said...

The earrings are adorable! The sky blue is precious on your pale skin!! I love it~~ :D I could never make sky blue look that good!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i dont think it looks heavy
u look lovely!

pIGgy said...

Hey girl, i have to agreed with the comments above. it doesn't looks heavy, it is so fresh!