Sunday, April 24, 2011

Macarons for Me for You...

I caught a glimpse of this colorful cookies while dining at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang last Sunday. I have been in love with this cookies since I tasted those from Paul UK and Laduree France. Since the trend of eating macarons has been catching up in Malaysia, more macaron cookie bakeries are budding here already :D

There are 6 macaron cookies in a box each with different fillings; coffee, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate etc.

They don't look as beautiful as those bought overseas but they do taste OK, nothing to shout about though since I have been spoilt by Laduree. Considering they are only sold at RM5 a box (unbelievable!), I think this is a good way to introduce this sweet macarons to Penangites :P

Going on to something unrelated to macarons, I have been curious to try out Cotton On nail polishes. As saying goes, curiosity kills the cat, I decided to get this shade, Purple Haze for a try. Stay tuned for the NOTD :D