Sunday, January 2, 2011

My False Eyelashes Collection

 I am currently obsessed with false lashes. Here I am going to show you my falsies collection! =)

Ardell is famous for their quality falsies. I love their natural lashes range. 

My favorite falsies are the ones I bought from Taiwan. They are handmade from human hair, soft and the best part is the affordable price tag! They are bought in a box of 10 pairs. My collection consists of top and bottom lashes. I wish we could get these good quality lashes more easily here in Malaysia!=_=

There's a different thickness to these falsies too. This type is slightly darker (with more strands of hair) than the usual ones. You can use the dramatic ones for parties rather than usual usage.

This is a box consisting of 5 different pairs of falsies. They are slightly pricier than the normal box of falsies.

A sample of how long my lashes become after wearing the Taiwanese lashes <3


slowbrogal said...

Wow..Nice!! Whr do you get those Taiwanese lashes? I've been looking for it since ages..But those I got from LYN the band kinda hard. :((

queenyee said...

A friend of mine helped us to buy these falsies from Taiwan. I am also wondering where I can get these in Malaysia. I do see them sold in small kiosks at malls though but quality may differ.

coffretgorge said...

nice collection! i only have a few pairs so far... since low priced and decent ones are hard to find locally. do you wear falsies everyday? :)

queenyee said...

i only wear them on special occasions :P