Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Year's Surprise ~ Dinner at Kampachi :D

My first post of Year 2010! It was a bit of a delayed post, hope you don't mind :P

I love buffets, especially Japanese buffets...imagine the endless servings of sashimis, sushis, tempuras, green tea ice creams...yummy yummy!

We headed to Penang's prominent Kampachi Japanese restaurant at Equatorial Hotel for our buffet delight.

FOTD for the dinner...

Lobsters! Enjoyed every moment of savouring them :)

A little piece of maguro (tuna) is great!

Babe was also very happy with his meal...

Yeah that's Dorayaki, Doraemon's favourite!

Too bad I can't eat edamame as snacks, they're not available :(

Having a sip of hot green tea mmmm...

Happy Belated New Year 2010!

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