Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 Steps to Smooth, Juicy Lips

In addition to the red lips post, I will add some tips on creating a better base for you to apply color onto.

Tips and Tricks

1. Instead of wiping off lipstick with plain tissue, drop some remover on tissue or cotton pad for gentle removal.

2. On wet lips, massage some lip scrub in a soft circular motion to remove dead skin cells. You can use toothbrush as a scrub substitute.

3. Use lip treatment before lip colour, usually I'll prep my lips with lip balm first for moisturization purpose before continuing on face and eye makeup, by the time you're ready to add lip color, your lips will be smooth for application.

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Uinisan said...

I totally agree with your steps hahahahhaa... I do exactly that and I recommend Benefit's Lipscription :)