Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our MAC in Mode Workshop Experience

I was pretty excited to be attending this workhop at first but after the session I felt it was not really up to my expectations of how it should be conducted. There was way too much unnecessary steps included in the makeup tutorials that makes my skin looked chalky and thick with foundation afterwards. Nevertheles, I'm still happy to be able to play with MAC products and using MAC brushes. The quality of the full size brushes are super awesome! It makes me wanna have them especially #217! after they feeling their strokes on my skin, perfect!

MAC Senior Makeup Artist, Yokoe in action...sorry for the blurred picture :(

That's our tools for the day, you can see they only provided us some small edition brushes (grrr...) but our Makeup Artist were kind enough to lend us their full size brushes to try :)

MAC Carbon eyeshadow is our favourite!

Ohhh bare face -_-

The end result of the makeover (not very promising though):

Coming to the exciting part, my Color Craft hauls! *Super excited*
Those two samples are for the workshop; Skin Refined Zone Treatment and Strobe Cream. It's a shame they only gives such shabby sample as door gifts. Not what I expected it to be :(

Mineralize Skinfinish in Triple Fusion and Eye Shadow Quad in Assemblage *Lots of hearts*

After attending the workshop, we continued our mission on makeup at Bobbi Brown. We've got a complimentary makeover in conjunction with the launch of their new Cleansing Oil.

Presenting the Bobbi Brown makeover look! Looks simple but polished. The foundation is so close to my real skin color! My eyes are watery because of excessive eye makeup @.@

We collected a sample of Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil too :P

Overall, we did have fun at the end of the day with each others company. Phew! Finally I'm done with my MAC workshop reporting :) Time to sleep!


Zuuchini said...

at least you had fun!! i would love to attend a workshop

Cath said...

Haha... I look at the brushes they lent you and the shabby samples, and thought at once this is Singapore. =P Sigh... can't they do better?

queenyee said...

Hmmm, what we can do is complain to the MAC MUAs, inform them other brands are giving much much better goodies bag for workshop attendees and hope they'll improve next time :(