Sunday, October 3, 2010

Benefit Cosmetics UK Holiday Collection 2010

It's nearly end of the year, and most cosmetic brands are starting to preview the launching of holiday sets. These holiday sets are usually all pretty and lovely and Benefit is not left out on this case =)

Introducing Benefit Holiday Collections!

Individual product close ups:

All You Need Is Gloss (£19.50)

Some Beauty To Love (£29.50)

Glowla (£29.50)

Powder Time Lover - with Dandelion, Coralista & Dallas (£25.00)

The Fab Lane (£45.50)

Cresent Row (£34.50)

Shimmer Shimmer Shake - Miss Moon, High Roller and Mint Julep (£27.00)
Sha La Lovely (£29.50) ~exclusive to Boots

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