Monday, June 7, 2010

The Garden Collection

Spring is here! Yeah, i know, summer has already arrived but i think in my mind, i will always love spring. I think spring is always about budding flowers, trees growing their leaves again, cool and strong wind but just nice, weather is refreshing, i still remember smelling the scent of flowers in the air at the park, the feeling is just so serene and unforgettable!

Come enjoy with me the feel of Spring that I experienced during my trips across Europe. This is a photo collection by me capturing the gorgeous flowers that I came upon.

The locations where I capture this beautiful photographs;

Hauptplatz, Graz
Schlossberg, Graz
Stadtpark, Graz
Plantine Hill, Rome
Champ de Mars, Paris
Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris
Russell Square Garden, London
St. James Park, London

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