Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Depotted My UDPP @.@

There was a crack at the UDPP packaging and it was drying up the potion inside. I was forced to depot the content to a jar. The process is pretty messy but I managed to scratched out quite a handsome amount of potion out of the package with a small spoon. You have to do the depotting quickly as the product dries up pretty fast :S

Look at how much that is left inside! Very bad package design that is disadvantageous to consumers! Shame on Urban Decay!

I have finally finished the depotting work! Phew!

An empty potion package.

Have you depotted yours?


Naiyana said...

WOW! Ok I knew the packaging was bad...pretty but bad..you can tell by looking at the very pretty bottle that product will hide in it...but that much product?!?!?!

Ok I'm craking mine open tonight!
Thanks for the Tip!

Siew Goh said...

havent depotted mine.. cos the bottle hasnt broken.. :P
it contains really alot!!!