Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hong Kong is Fun!

Another late post on my trip to Hong Kong last October :P

I heart vacations! Returning from my vacation in Bali just about a month ago, I was off for another one. How I wish I can go for one every month! But I'll be broke if I do that :P This time around, I took the plane that flew to Hong Kong to meet my babe there. He's transiting in HK from Beijing so we thought why not stop a few days in HK for our little trip, hehe... But the downside is I have to fly alone (my first time!). How bored I was in the plane! :(

We managed to visit some local attractions and do some adequate shopping (a must!) when you visit Hong Kong. Although not many sales are going on during the time of my visit, but I do find shopping very interesting there, probably because of the exchange rate and wide selections :P

Here are the few shopping malls I managed to pay a visit and hurt my pocket a lil' bit...

Tung Chung Outlet Mall is a must visit! Just look at our hauls :P

H&M has the craziest crowd there, so packed on any days...

Times Square and Causeway Bay are also among the famous shopping centers in Hong Kong Island.

I also had to take a peek into Sephora in Mong Kok :D

Besides these places, you must also visit Langham's Place at Mongkok, you can basically find most of beauty products there including MAC! You can shop in HK from 10am-12am everyday just like the city never sleeps! It will make you shop till you drop literally :P

Met any famous actor in HK? As some would ask... So say hi to Mr. Bruce Lee from Avenue of Stars :DDD

and Mr. Eason Chan at the subway ^O^

What's not to be missed in HK? Symphony of Lights at Avenue of Stars is very entertaining but sometimes it gets hazy at the harbour. Anyways, the show is on everyday so you can't miss it. It will also be romantic to be watching the symphony from the ferry ride to/fro Tsim Tsa Tsui-Wan Chai.

If you get tired of walking, you can experience the longest escalator in the world at Central called the Mid-Levels Escalator. You will see some famous landmarks from the escalator ride like SoHo, the former Central Police Station etc...

Lan Kwai Fong is just a few blocks from Central MTR station.

On our last day, we went to our last destination, HK Disneyland, yippee!!!

I went in October so they were having this Halloween theme going on, meet Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack and Sally make such a perfect couple!

Sleeping Beauty Castle where they gonna play fireworks at night.

I hope I can bring Mickey Mouse home! :(

Finally, a glass of wine and a can of beer on the plane to celebrate our return :P

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