Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dress Hunt!

I found my closet to be so lack of dresses. I was not a dress girl until lately when I found the beauty in wearing dresses hehehe... I went hunting for a nice dress for my colleague's wedding dinner. Stores I went to are Forever 21 (tons of cute dresses which are a size larger for me unfortunately and also with not so good quality *sigh*) and Topshop (trendy dresses but with outrageous prices!)

These are the pieces which I have tried out from Forever 21, I have forgotten their names and prices :P

I like this summer dress in particular, very cute! :D

I would have adored it if it would show more shape of my body, I look flat and straight here! Gah!

Next are my experiments with Topshop dresses...

This piece is my favourite!!! Too bad my size is gone! How I hate Topshop for not bringing in more Size 4 and 6 pieces when they know Asians are more of petite sizes.

This corset top lace dress is adorable! It's in dark purple but I'm not sure why the colour is washed out on photos...

Let you guess my purchase. I'm sure you will know soon when I post my haul post :P Wish I can buy more. I need more time to hunt down more lovely dresses!


Blovet Beauty said...

my vote goes for the corset top lace dress !

Anonymous said...

I Like the 3rd one from the top!! It flatters you the most =)