Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday's gonna be gone soon!

These past few days we're having a long holiday here in Malaysia for Hari Raya. I'm sure everyone had a great time resting and lazing, getting away from work stress. Not for me though, I'm down with flu for the past few days and not recovering yet :( I hate flu!

Being unwell does not deter me from checking out blogs and videos (my only source of entertainment during this holiday period @.@) So, I have come across a few blog giveaways, something that makes me brighten up :)

1. XROCKSMAMA First Giveaway:

2. Shanghainese Dumpling Giveaway:

3. MissMercuryLady Giveaway:

Aren't they giving away fantastic prizes? Remember to join them!

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